Opinion and Policy

Developing Local Sustainable Seafood Markets: A Thai example

NDEG students and faculty Courtney Kehoe, Melissa Marschke, Wichitta Uttamamunee, Jawanit Kittitornkool and Peter Vandergeest have published new research on sustainable seafood markets in Asia. Read it here: Developing Local Seafood Markets or check out the video below!


Reversing the Burden of Proof for Sustainable Aquaculture

Simon Bush, Professor of Environmental Policy at Wageningen University offers a new perspective on international sustainability standards in the aquaculture sector.

Read his piece in the Solutions journal here: Reversing the Burden of Proof for Sustainable Aquaculture


Ending Labour Abuse at Sea

This policy paper by Peter Vandergeest, Professor of Geography at York University and Melissa Marschke, Associate Professor in the School of International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa looks at policy changes in Thailand in response to the recent ‘slavery scandal’ in the fisheries sector and the effect these changes have had on working conditions, drawn from interviews with workers in May 2016.

Read the paper here: Ending Labour Abuse at Sea