Project Publications


Marschke, M., Kehoe, C. and Vandergeest, P., 2018.  Migrant worker experiences in Atlantic Canadian fish processing plants. The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe canadien.  Published online 25 April 2018.

Tran, Olivia; Marschke, M and Issara Institute (2017). From Trafficking to Post Rescue: Insights from Burmese Fishers on Coercion and Deception in (Anti) Trafficking Processes. Bangkok: Issara Institute.

Schoenberger, Laura, Derek Hall, and Peter Vandergeest.   What happened when the land grab came to Southeast Asia?  Published online 3 July, 2017.  Journal of Peasant Studies 44 (?): 1-29.  DOI: 10.1080/03066150.2017.1331433.

Vandergeest, P., Tran, O. and Marschke, M., 2017. Modern day slavery in Thai fisheries: academic critique, practical action. Critical Asian Studies 49:3):461-464.

Kehoe, C., M. Marschke, W. Uttamamunee, J. Kittitornkool and P. Vandergeest (2016). Developing Local Sustainable Seafood Markets: A Thai example. World Food Policy 2(2)/ 3(1), pp. 32-50.

Marschke, M. and P. Vandergeest (2016). Slavery scandals: Unpacking labour challenges and policy responses within the off-shore fisheries sector. Marine Policy 68: 39–46.

Journal Special Issue
Vandergeest, P., and Laura Schoenberger (editors).  Agrarian and Environmental Transformations in Southeast Asia.  Journal of Peasant Studies 44(4).

Conferences and Presentations
The project organized two panels at the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies, 15-18 July, 2017, Chiangmai.  The panels were titled Transformations in Environmental Governance: A Political Ecology of Market Mechanisms, New Actors, and Uneasy Alliances.

The project organized two panels at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Geographers, May 29 to June 2, 2017, Toronto.  The panels were titled New Directions in Environmental Governance:  Field Research in Southeast Asia.

Slavery Scandals and Capitalist Relations in Southeast Asian Fisheries (Peter Vandergeest, Melissa Marschke).  Presented at the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies, 15-18 July, Chiangmai.

‘State of Knowledge’ special presentation:  Modern Slavery in Thai Fisheries: Critical Review of Literature, Key Ideas, and the Slavery Frame. Peter Vandergeest, Melissa Marschke, and Olivia Tran. 13th International Conference on Thai Studies, 15-18 July, Chiangmai.

Labour challenges in the off-shore fisheries: Insights from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar.( Peter Vandergeest) MARE People and the Sea Conference, Amsterdam, 5-7 July.